Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Well Hero Zero lets you do exactly that! Jump into the world of average man heroes. Choose your costumes and battle average thugs. You will be set tasks. Each time you complete these you will earn XP to level up and coins to purchase new equipment. Do you have what it takes to clean up the streets? Why not go find out?

Use the extensive editor to build your own “everyday hero”. You get to decide, from the horn-rims to spots, freckles, facial and body hair. The cool outfit comes later, after you’ve had fun in the shop. Even though you are financially challenged at first, your budget does have room for hero accessories such as mouldy shower curtains, power cables doubling as belts, and cucumber slices misappropriated as masks. Your creativity is wanted!

Crazy villains

Even though you’d love to start chasing villains straight away as a new hero, first you have to call small time crooks on the carpet. Whether you’re protecting little old ladies from pickpockets or roughing up recalcitrant teenagers, its the everyday heroic deeds that really matter.
Once you’ve made a name for yourself, you’ll begin to encounter characters like the mad scientist who loves to push red buttons, or the giant robot in mayhem mode.

League of heroes

Like Avengers and Co. show, leagues of heroes are about the coolest thing ever. So team up with other players in Hero Zero and fight in league against villains like the Biter, Vengeful Avenger or Dark Father.
Look forward to special missions, special events and hundreds of crazy clothing items and accessories.