Urban Rivals is a trading card game, or TCG, that is played right on your web browser. Both the site and card designs use a unique art style that gives the whole experience an original feel. New players are given 8 cards at random which is the minimum amount required for a deck. Game mechanics are simple and easy to pick up which makes Urban Rivals a much more casual TCG than Magic the Gathering Online.

At the start of each match, both players are randomly given 4 cards from their decks and chose which of these cards will participate in each of the match’s four rounds. Players (and individual cards) gain experience after each match. Cards gain new abilities and increase in power as they rank up while players gain access to higher level channels and earn ‘clintz’ with which to purchase new cards. During account registration, players are asked what type of deck they would like to start with:

Action – Fight mean and strong. Emphasis on brute power and damage.

Danger – Unnerve your opponents with dirty tricks. Emphasis on sneaky abilities.

Cool – Keep control and protect your life points. Emphasis on ‘control’ cards that disable opponent’s abilities.