The game joins a growing number of free-to-play MMOFPS titles available, and should be quickly familiar to FPS fans. The game modes range from the standard – free-for-all or team deathmatches, attacking/defending objectives – to the bizarre in the Shards mode.

With the exception of the free-for-all mode, the game is heavily team-based, with a degree of co-operation and co-ordination being the key to scoring well. However, the game does tread a middle-ground, being less forgiving of lone-wolves – skilled or otherwise – than multiplayer Call of Duty or Battlefield, but more easy-going in terms of realism than other squad shooters like Counter Strike or Insurgency.

Realism does go out of the window with the Shards mode however, an arena for two teams to face each other made entirely of glass. Given a pistol with infinite ammo on starting (which does as good as no damage to an opponent), the aim is shoot out the walls and floors, causing opponents to fall to their deaths instead (unless they hit the rotating pinball bumpers on route and get fired back onto solid floor)