One Piece Online is an online browser-based Tower Defense game developed and published by JoyGames. Based on the popular Shonen Jump Manga/Anime series, One Piece Online offers a brand new take on tower defense titles by including action and RPG combat elements together.

ARPG Tower Defense mode: ARPG Tower Defense gameplay combines the role-playing and real time action with the “tower defense” battle mode, with both strategy and real time combat rolled into one, One Piece Online will not only provide a brand new gameplay experience for players, but will also add in a new wave of energy to the browser game market.

Following the OnePiece Storyline: One Piece Online faithfully reproduced hundreds of famous characters from One Piece series to create the most extravagant world of Pirates, including Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and many other key characters. By just clicking a few buttons, players can build a team of pirates to sail the world.

300 Instances: Each player who joins One Piece Online faces about 300 different instances and players will need to strategize to pass through these challenges.