March to Rome offers you the rise and fall of kingdoms by sword or quill. Choose your origin and lead your people in a crude land filled with countless would-be rulers. Be victorious and ultimately challenge the beacon of civilization that is the Roman Empire.
Command a vast war machine with advanced tactics or just pay your men to pick their noses all day at the barracks :)
Rule a thriving nation or antagonize your peoples, just because you can.

Expand your domain and seize the kingdoms of the unworthy! Or squander it all, if you feel like it…

Develop your level of civilization and science or turn to archaic traditions of the old.

Emerge a legendary ruler who strikes fear and respect throughout the lands. Or be the one who kicks them down off their thrones to taste the mud, then melds back into the shadows.

Rise in a blaze of glory!
Or die trying…

That and more, right at your fingertips – anywhere at any time, in your web browser from the get-go.