Karos Online is 3D, fantasy MMORPG published by NHN. The game is set in the vast, open world of Asmara. I say ‘Open World’ for two reasons. First, there’s very little ‘zoning’ in Karos; instead players can move in and out of cities and areas without going through any loading screens, except when entering dungeons.

Secondly, the environments in Karos just feel more immersive; as buildings in the distance are massive and clearly visible, the tree leaves are blown by the wind and the water graphics are gorgeous.

Strictly ‘graphics-wise’, Karos Online is quite a masterpiece. The game’s graphics vaguely resemble the visuals in games like Lineage 2 and Perfect World, except a tad crisper. Karos Online has a lot more to offer than just visuals though.