Originally released exclusively in China as a browser based game, Heroes of Might and Magic Online is now heading to Western shores. The game is set in the same world as Heroes III, the Kingdom of Erathia. While veterans of the classic RPG series will recognize the back story, the whole ‘online’ experience will be new to them.

Might and Magic Online is a diverse game that mixes turn-based combat with city and unit management. Battles take place on gridded maps, which gives the game a unique feel. The graphics definitely look dated, but that hasn’t stopped Heroes of Might and Magic Online from gaining a large audience in China.

Races & Classes:

  • Human – Knight, Cleric
  • Arcane – Alchemist, Wizard
  • Undead – Death Knight, Necromancer
  • Barbarian – Barbarian, Battle Mage
  • Marshland – Beastmaster, Witch
  • Subterranean – Overlord, Warlock
  • Sylvan – Ranger, Druid
  • Infernal – Demoniac, Heretic